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Kaamya Bajaj

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How to propose when you love someone?


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In a lifetime of all beings, we all possess all kinds of treasure. We grow and learn to be a better version of ourselves, we learn to express love equation with each other. Expression or proposal of love is one of the most powerful feeling we unequivocally innate.

It is such a beautiful sentiment, when express in a rightful manner, brings amasses of elation and contentment as it brings union of two ardent souls.


When proposing to someone, there are some love tips that one should consider:-

1. Make a comfortable space for both of you. The first and an important step to consider is to have a warm and comfortable harmony with the other person. The more comfortable they are with you, the more willing they will be to acknowledge your sentiment.

2. Be sincere in expressing your feelings. For other person to be able to feel your heart, it is very essential for them to know the depth and sincerity your words hold. Therefore one must reveal their genuine and heartfelt emotions.

3. Deciphering the characterstics and belief of the one you are proposing to. It helps greatly, when you know one's temperament in staging the event. When you know the other person values and motive, it gives you knowledge and choice of what to consider and what not in expressing, or setting up the love goals.

4. Creating a splendour venue for proposing. Everybody admires one who make them feel absoulte special and important. Therefore, when one make extraordinary efforts to express their longing, it creates bigger impact.

5. Be tolerant of the other person's opinion. The most important step, is to be respectful of other person's choice. Thereby irrespective of how one feel, giving other person complete freedom in choosing their say for the proposal.


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