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Shivam Khandelwal

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How to Select the Best Desert Safari In Dubai??


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Dubai is blessed with sprawling endless deserts filled with numerous sand dunes providing locals and tourists alike a fun past time. However, what we see today as recreational is not just a fun experience but also a traditional activity that teaches us more about the life the locals lived in the desert. Coupled with all the modern amenities, adventure activities and dinner & entertainment, desert safaris in Dubai have become one of the most iconic and sought after pastime activities in Dubai.

Most desert safaris in Dubai begin at your hotel itself. You will be picked up at your residence and be transported to the magical desert that surrounds Dubai. At the desert camp, you will be inundated with a host of experiences and activities - from sheesha to falconry, camel riding to sand boarding, belly dances to a buffet dinner - there is something for every one to enjoy here.


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Desert Safari is a not-to-miss activity in Dubai but choosing the best local tour operator can be quite confusing. This is a very common query from travelers. Since there are a lot of Desert Safari tour operators offering a myriad of choices, you can select the one according to your requirements.

Ask the following vital questions before zeroing in on a safari operator:
• Is the operator offering you a shared camp operated by many companies? This is ideal for budget travelers but one has to take care of hygiene, quality of food and other entertainment activities offered.
• If it is a private camp, what is the size of the group normally accommodated? It may vary from 50-500 persons. In an overcrowded group, you may not get personalized services.
• Is it a small camp with >100 visitors or even a smaller one comprising of 5-6 members? Smaller the group size better will be the service quality and facilities not to mention higher will be the price.
• Check whether the company is an exclusive safari provider or not. Also check whether the guides provided are full-time company staff or freelancers.
• What type of drive are they providing – Dune bashing or wild life safari? What would be the duration? At what time will the safari start? With sun glowing overhead, you may not be able to enjoy the trip fully.
• What is the nature of adventure? Everybody may not prefer high adrenaline-pumping activities.
• What food is likely to be served?
• Is the company reputed? You may check with the tripadvisor for reviews.
• Finally, the cost factor which may vary from AED 75-1500. Ask if there is any hidden cost. Since Dubai desert safari is a priceless experience, do not tighten your purse too much by accepting too much of shared facilities.


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