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Shubham Sharma

enterpreneur and mechanical engineer | Posted on | Education

How to settle in life after engineering


Educator/ Work from home Search Engine Evaluator. | Posted on

Whether you agree or not students life is the best part of one's life. After finishing your education only you will understand this. Don't get disturbed by memes or jokes about engineering in social media. They know only to pass time without any knowledge about anything.

If you get jobs at your campus, after engineering, that is well and good. Grab it immediately. Because even if the pay is less and even if you have to sit in a bench, don't worry. You will get salary and on paper you will have experience records. So go for it even if it is in a small company. It will add value to your resume.

As the competition goes on increasing  mere BE or B.Tech is not enough in this period. You have to do masters degree in engineering.

After BE or B.Tech go for M.Tech in India or MS from abroad. I can tell you, definitely you will have more scope for better jobs if you finish your Master's degree.

If you are an academic interested student then do PhD after master's degree. You will get very good amount of stipend from universities while studying itself.  No need for worrying about money. After PhD in core subjects sky is the limit for you. Because you can get core jobs from respective industry or you can choose teaching as a profession in universities. Foreign universities pay hell lot of salary for their lecturers.

This is one of the better ways to settle in life after engineering.



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