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satish Agarwal

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How was your First Day at job ?


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I am a content writer, and a fresher. I had always wanted to work as a writer, and my first job made it happen for me. We, however, are not talking about my first job, but my first day on the job. So let me just begin with my experience at once.

So it started with a little bit of anxiety and nervousness (you can understand, it was the first day of my first job –a big day indeed). So yes, I was anxious and nervous, and my being an introvert added to it. Being lazy, and a procrastinator didn’t leave much time for me to get impressively dressed, but I think I was looking decent.

So after reaching the premises of my office, some percentage of my anxiety turned into excitement and I entered the office with a beaming smile. My boss was not there as yet and my manager showed me my desk and just asked me to scan the website I was going to start writing for.

I was just halfway through it, when my boss came and called our team for a quick discussion. I was totally clueless and a sense of inferiority set upon me, as I was the youngest, least experienced, and the newest employee there.

I was standing there all time like a dumb statue when all others were discussing and throwing in their ideas. That made me feel a little low, but thank goodness I have an understanding boss, and she was okay with it.


I would like to tell you that the way I was treated in my office on my first day, was exceptionally heartwarming. When I shared my experience with other friends of mine, they said that I’m lucky and they wished they were treated the same by their employers.

Being an introvert, I wasn’t much interactive with staff members, and was quite the whole day, busy in my own work. I didn’t even interacted much at lunch. That however, was not taken as a rude gesture by anyone and I was thankful for it.

My seniors took special care of assigning me the work I am most comfortable with, on my first day and that was very thoughtful of them.

So all in all, my first day at job couldn’t have been more perfect, although I feel I could have put more efforts from my side to make it even better.

I would love to hear your views as well. 


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