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Sneha Bhatiya

Student ( Makhan Lal Chaturvedi University ,Bhopal) | Posted on | Education

I am a fresher How can I prepare for job interviews?


student | Posted on

Firstly, congratulation on completing graduation (if you have) and now probably looking forward for an interview.
  The moment people hear the term interview most of them get paranoid about it, it gives them a kind of set back. Well, this shouldn’t be the way cause in such competitive world where everyone just jostle over you to take the limited position. You should be prepared for everything and trust me with some proper preparation it can be easily done.
    Remember there is always a syllabus for some test or exam but there’s no such thing called syllabus for an interview, it is open ended. The interviewer can ask you anything and all you have to answer it with your wisdom and tact and with your sense of awareness. One has to be really true and bold, and be clear about your strengths and weakness too.
 Second very important thing is the Resume. See, even before meeting you the interviewer will visualise you through your resume and that 2 pages my friend can really fetch you an outer edge over others pupils. One should really take time and effort in making it. Its recommended not to add something in it which you are not (if spotted gives a really bad impression). Not use any flowery language and please don’t type your resume by asking Goggle. Write it yourself!!

There are several things that one must keep in mind like reach on time dress accurate , try to look debonair. Remember that the process of interview is of only 7- 10 mins but in that closure of time it’s on you that how you render yourself. The interview starts the moment you enter the room, with not very welcoming faces, ready t grill you and to judge your every move. Make yourself really comfortable, answer with smile listen their questions meticulously. If the interviewer shoots a question for which you aren’t prepared for try not to look so baffled instead take you time, calmly think on it and then answer with whatever the knowledge you have on it. And even if that doesn’t work then admit you don’t know and request them to ask something else. Some interviewer can be really nasty and try to break your confidence by contradicting you, but you don’t have to be shaken instead sit firm and believe on your gut.
Some points one can ponder over-
1) Just breathe , stay calm and confident.
2) Make eye contact (don’t fidget).
3) Press pauses (always think positive).
4) Drink water and have a healthy breakfast (little things but very vital).
5) Clean shave, warm smile, formal dress and a firm handshake.


System Engineer IBM | Posted on

In this competitive world, every fresher is bound to face various faces behind big desks ready to evaluate what they have achieved in all their student lives and then judge them on the basis of it. These faces are not your friends, and more often than not, they are unsupportive, unfriendly, and imposing.

Letsdiskuss (Courtesy: mccabeandco.com)

Getting nervous in front of the interviewer is just the starting of the list which reads “the ways you can ***** your job interview”. So from saving yourself from making any major mistake in an interview to acing the interview and bagging the job, you need to strengthen your preparation part the most.

Just remember that it is not an exam in which only bookish knowledge and crammed answers would do the needful. This is an interview, in which you will be judged on the basis of your overall personality, your personal opinions, your interpersonal relationships, your communication skills, and the list is endless.

The list being endless makes the preparation even more difficult. You never know what will you be asked, and what areas the interviewer would choose to judge you by.

You can also refer to the following points:

• Make a good resume

Your resume is something an interviewer will see before she/he meets you. And as they say, “the first impression is the last impression”. So your first impression, your resume, should be so impressive that 50% of your work is already done. Make it attractive and easily readable. It’s better to make it in a tabular form. Choose the font, alignment, etc. wisely.

• Be confident

You should be wearing your confidence on your sleeves. Be sure about what you know and what you don’t know. Don’t get easily convinced when the interviewer contradicts your opinion. The more you will stick to your own views, the better. Remember that all companies need the employees who agree to disagree, not those who nod blindly to everything their boss says.

• Be fearless

It is just an extension of the last point. You should never be afraid of losing the opportunity in putting forth your viewpoint. And if you make it a point to be fearless, you will automatically stop feeling nervous.

• Practice

In front of the mirror, with friends, with siblings, or in whichever way that suits you, you must practice your expressions and gestures as they are judged to see how comfortable and sociable you are.


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