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Siddharth Singh

Blogger | Posted on | News-Current-Topics

If BJP wants to commit suicide, who can stop it?


Assistant professor ( Finance & Marketing) & Admission Councellor | Posted on


2014 marked the turning point in the Indian politics, the party which ruled over 70 yrs lost against the NDA government and BJP came into power in the central government. Until now in these 4 years BJP has formed maximum state governments. This turning point was brought by Mr Narendra Modi ( Prime Minister of India).

As of now BJP government holds majority in 13 states including the following :

Arunachal Pradesh





 Himachal Pradesh


Madhya Pradesh





Uttar Pradesh.

Furious with such a big emerging party the opposition has started united to create trouble for this party regulation. Several parties are uniting to stop once again for the upcoming Loksabha Elections in 2019. Many leaders have made prospects of state-wide alliances have brightened in seven states where the BJP and allies made impressive gains in 2014. There are few States where Opposition parties are working for separate anti-BJP pre-poll alliances are Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Jharkhand, Tamil Nadu and Jammu and Kashmir. These account for 255 Lok Sabha seats, almost half the strength of the House. The BJP alone won nearly 150 seats in 2014, while its allies added another dozen-odd seats here.

So if BJP wants to commit suicide they don’t need to do so as dozens of enemies are build up together for their funeral. Even many clashes are going among the party itself . if we look and hear everyday news channels they are flooded with the Rahul Gandhi v/s Modi Clash. “ Mayawati is screaming from UP, Mamta Bannerjee is Against from Kolkatta, Mehbooba Mufti from J&K, now Chanderbabu Naidu from Chennai”. 

If we look at the biggest pillar in BJP party its only Mr Narendra Modi along with Amit Shah who can stop coming suicide if in case the party feels doing so. This man has come up with all the odds from being a tea seller to be Gujarat chief minister to become the Prime Minister of India. This man is built up from honesty to hardship he has faced in life So according to me if BJP wants to commit suicide only Narendra modi can stop it from doing so. 


Founder and CEO | Posted on

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