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Bella X | Posted 29 Apr, 2019 |

In which country do you find the most beautiful women?

eweb guru

Blogger | Posted 07 May, 2020


Mariana Jimenez, Model and Beauty Pageant

Ladies from Venezuela are impeccably figured and have alluring highlights. Venezuela is one of the nations with the most wonderful ladies on the planet.

Jessy Chandra

Fashion enthusiast | Posted 29 Apr, 2019

I would like to start answering this question with a rather cliche but relevant quote, “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.”

It majorly depends on your own perspective what you find beautiful and what not. For example, in my opinion, Pakistani and Afghani women are very beautiful, but my friend finds Spanish women the most attractive.

most-beautiful-women-letsdiskuss Pakistani actress (Courtesy: MediaBuzz.Pk)

most-beautiful-women-letsdiskuss Afghani Model (Courtesy: Deskgram)

most-beautiful-women-letsdiskuss Spanish Model, Helen Lindes (Courtesy: Dailyhunt)

To answer your question on the basis of certain researches, the women of Turkey, Brazil, France, and Russia are the most beautiful. Then come the ladies of India, Italy, Venezuela, and Ukraine.

most-beautiful-women-letsdiskuss French Model (Courtesy: Vogue)

most-beautiful-women-letsdiskuss Turkish Model (Courtesy: WondersList)

most-beautiful-women-letsdiskuss Italian Model (Courtesy: World Blaze)

Sweden, Columbia, and Argentina are also in the list.

most-beautiful-women-letsdiskuss Shakira, Columbian Singer (Courtesy: Billboard)

The women in all these countries are known for distinct facial features, boldness, and pleasantness of appearance. Many successful models and supermodels belong to one or the other of these countries. Not just their faces, but the whole bodice is worth appreciating.