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Medha Kapoor

B.A. (Journalism & Mass Communication) | Posted 12 Mar, 2019 |

Insulting which things can destroy our virtue?

Smart Achievers

CEO | Posted 12 Mar, 2019

River Ganga is that the holiest watercourse in the Republic of India and has the standing of the mother. it's same that a dive during this watercourse will wash away all of your sins. Gangajal, the water of watercourse Ganga is additionally brought home to be utilized in providing prayers.

The water of this sacred watercourse, however, is being contaminated recklessly currently, ANd this additionally counts as an insult, that makes folks evildoer.

ब्रिज गुप्ता

Optician | Posted 12 Mar, 2019

In Hinduism, your good deeds and your prayers bear fruit when you earn good virtue (or Punya).

Similarly, doing certain things like insulting others can destroy these virtues that you have earned in your lifetime, and can reverse the effect of all the alms-deeds that you might have performed.

Insulting the following three things, in particular, is bound to destroy your virtue.

1. Cow

insulting-cow-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Dailyhunt)

The cow is the most important animal in Hinduism, so much so that it has been given the status next to god. In Hindi, we call cow as “Gaay Maata” or mother cow. It is also called Kamdhenu. In fact, it is not only cow’s milk which is considered to be the elixir, but its urine even is a sacred substance.

Hence, insulting a cow is considered to be a sin, and is synonymous to the insult of one’s own mother. In scriptures, there is no way to correct the harm done by insulting a cow.

2. Basil plant or Tulsi

insulting-tulsi-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: ISKCON Bangalore)

Just like the cow is the most sacred animal in Hinduism, Tulsi or Basil is the most sacred plant. It is also worshipped. Even while praying gods and goddesses, the presence of Tulsi is mandatory. Gods don’t accept the prayer in the absence of this sacred plant.

Hence, insulting the basil plant is synonymous to insulting the god itself. It is also punishable and unredeemable.

3. River Ganga

insulting-ganga-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: India Climate Dialogue)

River Ganga is the holiest river in India and has the status of the mother. It is said that a dive in this river can wash away all your sins. Gangajal, the water of river Ganga is also brought home to be used in offering prayers.

The water of this sacred river, however, is being polluted recklessly now, and this also counts as an insult, which makes people sinner.