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Is Indonesia aviation disaster is world-s deadliest of the year?


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According to the surveys reported every year or so number of aviation disaster tends to occur. 2018 also marked year of many fatal aviation disasters occurred during the time period. Some of them are as follows:- 

1. On Feb 11, 2018 Russian Aircraft crashed after a minute take off. Pilot was unable to regain the control of aircraft which landed into unsafe land, causing 71 death and many causalities.
2. On Feb 18, domestic Iranian passenger jet traveling from Tehran to Yasuj crashed. The plane couldn’t be found for 2 days all the 65 passengers we killed. This happened due to poor bad weather condition when the plane took off.
3. Indonesian Lion Air Flight JT610 - which crashed on Oct 29 en route to Pangkal Pinang from Jakarta, killing all 189 on board.
However, 2017 was marked the safest year in aviation history, with no commercial passenger jet fatalities in the entire year, where as if we look at 2018 statistics Russian plane crash on February 11, 2018 marked the first commercial passenger jet crash in 438 days.
Aviation experts believe that 2017 was a “statistical blip . The three deadly plane crashes in 2018 resulted in 170 fatalities within the first three months of the year.

For more information regarding the deadliest air crashes you can visit site :-

But yes these were the few on the list which gave the country some tragic news which worsen the trust on the aviation industry, even now days no one feels safe when it comes to travelling. It might be the technical issues or majority is the pilot fault which creates such incidents loosing trust and lives of the dear ones.


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