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Rakesh Singh

Delhi Press | Posted on | Sports

is it possible to give “Man of the Match” award to the whole team in cricket?


Physical Education Trainer | Posted on

Cricket is a game of a lot of uncertainties, a single player can change the game in one or two overs. Sometimes it is a bowler's day who can change the game by picking good early wickets and some other day, it is a batsman who rules the field by hitting boundaries one by one.

However, a team can't win all matches on the basis of a single player and apart of an individual's efforts, cricket is a team game in which one whole unit puts their efforts together to win a match.

Man-of-the-Match award in cricket is generally given to the player who has played the most important part individually in the team's performance on the particular day.

However, we have witnessed some instances when the whole team was awarded the Man-of-the-Match award in cricket. In 142-year long International Cricket's history, it has happened once in Tests and twice in ODI's.

The decision of the adjudicator didn't necessarily mean that all the eleven players in the side played a major role in the team's victory but keeping statistics aside, it was a token of appreciation for the part they played in a collective win.