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Zayed Iqbal

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Is it true half the world lives on less than $550 a day?


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According to world bank reports it is true that nearly half of the world population live on less than $5.50 per day, despite its efforts to reduce world poverty.  But the good news is that the percentage of  extreme poverty nations who have less than $2 a day for living has come down.

In the report the  world bank states that the number of poor people worldwide is alarmingly high.  The benefits of economic growth is shared unevenly across all the countries.

Although economic growth in recent years are not so good, the total number of poor people is reduced by more than 68 million people between 2013-2015.

But experts say that the goal of the World Bank to reduce the extreme poverty level to less than 3% by 2030 may be hard to achieve. The depressing report further tells that extreme poverty has become unchangeable in some countries and the speed of poverty reduction will be slow in those countries.

The World Bank report on poverty said that poverty has become entrenched in Sahara-Africa region where 84% of the people still live on less than $5.50per day.

Almost half the world population, i.e. 3.4 billion people still struggles to get basic needs. We must do something to reduce poverty at least in our country.



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