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Is it true that India has confirmed 1st death due to Anaphylaxis following COVID-19 Vaccination?


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India was all hyped up with the discovery of vaccines at first place when it was struggling with the immense rise in the number of coronaviruses in the country. As the slots were getting full and everyone in the country was getting jabbed, a new concern was seen to come up. Government panels who were studying and researching the side effects caused by the vaccine of COVID-19 have confirmed the first death. The death is due to anaphylaxis by following vaccination. 



According to the reports, the National AEFI Committee has confirmed the death of a 68 year old person because of anaphylaxis (which is an allergic reaction) after he got jabbed on 8 March, 2021. Additionally, the news has spread that the death of an old man is relatively linked with COVID-19 vaccine and is due to anaphylaxis. It is insisted by the experts that people have to wait for approximately 30 minutes at the centre after being vaccinated. The cases related to anaphylactic occur during this time period and immediate treatment can restrain deaths. 


The AEFI Committee inspected 5 cases which were reported on 5 February, 8 cases on 9 March following 18 cases on March 31. The rate of cases related to deaths over COVID-19 vaccine is 2.7 per million vaccine doses. On the other hand, the hospitalisation rate is 4.8 per million vaccine doses. The government panel has reported that the deaths and hospitalization reports states that the conditions are serious and it directly can't be connected with the vaccine. The above 31 cases registered, some of these have been found, are not linked with COVID-19 vaccine. From these, 7 cases are indeterminate and rest are partially relative to COVID-19 vaccine. 


The government panel has said that there will be proper investigation and research and then only any evident results will be released. They have also concluded that the benefits incurred by the vaccine are immense and these small harms and risks can be prevented if proper precautions and medical treatment are taken in hand. 





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