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Is secularism used to suppress Hindus in India?


Net Qualified (A.U.) | Posted

"Secularism" is a word utilized like a whip against the Hindus where they are required to respect everything and every other person and get mocking, affront and furthermore a tag of Hindutva-psychological oppressors also. Despite the fact that Secularism has nothing to do with legislative issues, it just methods, disassociation of governmental issues from religions!

In this Hindu greater part country, the minorities interests also are needed to be secured and guaranteed, and yet, Hindu-slamming shouldn't occur. Hindus ought not be considered answerable for political vote-governmental issues, polarization and other low destiny the minorities endure.

Of late, 'underestimation and concealment' of the Hindus under this unusual word is on increment; it appears to be that with the appearance of BJP abruptly any remaining religions are undermined! Each resistance ideological group, alleged activists, media-houses, and so on, are mortally scared of Hindu-psychological militants as though the Hindus are circumventing slaughtering and harming non-Hindus everywhere on the country. The Christian Bishops and Archbishops are giving directions to their herd against the Hindu-upsurge, the Muslims are being sharpened as well!

The legal executive aren't also leaving no stones improved from giving requests on Hindu strict issues like Shabrarimala, Shani Temple, Diwali, Holi, Janmashtami, Jalikattu and a few different issues. The narrative of Ram-Temple also has been tossed to winds— - All for the sake of Secularism!

Each non-Hindu, resistance ideological group and different gatherings need the Hindus to turn over and play dead in their own place of precursors and divine beings. However, they don't understand that such concealments under the wrongly-deciphered word Secularism would unquestionably turned into an explanation behind venting of the developing annoyance and disappointments.

Indeed, the word Secularism is being abused for political additions and to smother the Hindus to keep strict vote-banks unblemished. This has abruptly expanded since 2014 when BJP came to control.



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