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Is the dominance of the USA over the world coming to an end?


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In the October (2017) issue of The Atlantic magazine, in a report titled “How Trump is ending the American Era”, here’s what the author Eliot Cohen – a political scientist – wrote:

“Foreign leaders may consider Trump alarming, but they do not consider him serious. They may think they can use him, but they know they cannot rely on him. They look at his plans to slash the State Department’s ranks and its budget—the latter by about 30 percent—and draw conclusions about his interest in traditional diplomacy. And so, already, they have begun to reshape alliances and reconfigure the networks that make up the global economy, bypassing the United States and diminishing its standing.”

Many commentators have made similar claims—at least the leftists and centrists. But here’s a thing: the USA has been dominating the world for half a century not necessarily because of its leaders but for its economic and tech growth.

The world is turning its back to USA (or maybe it’s the other way around). But in reality, it is President Donald Trump who everyone is shunning. Even when the president, USA is NOT Donald Trump. And Donald Trump is not the USA. The world leaders and authorities aren’t taking Trump seriously. But they, very well know, the real power of USA. Come on, half of the world’s biggest brands in every sector is based out of USA. So, countries around the world need the USA. The North American country will continue shaping the world’s dynamic—even when China is fast growing.

In the USA itself, the citizens are against President Donald Trump. Remember the movement “#NotMyPresident”? Besides, he’ll only hold the office for a total of 5 years; or worst, 10 years. After that, we might finally have someone qualified, sensible and, of course, non-sexual predator. So, whatever gets lost in the stature of the USA in this period can be regained in the future. And other countries know this very well.

But, all being said though, we cannot put our eyes away from all the wrongs of the present. President Donald Trump pulling out of Paris Agreement and Iran Deal can be catastrophic. And let’s not even question that the latest Israel attack on Gaza that has left more than 6 people dead is, in part, due to the policies of Donald Trump. His regular spats with North Korean leaders can be extremely dangerous for the entire world. Also, his stand on Russia’s Strategy in Syria is highly concerning. The regular blame-games he’s having with China, Canada, Mexico, Japan, and France can significantly shake the dynamics of world trade. All in all, Trump is doing his best to diminish the domination of the USA on the global forum. Where the country stands after his tenure gets over depends largely on how different countries respond.

Majority of the world’s nation have problems with President Donald Trump—but not necessarily the USA. It’s important that they continue this attitude for few years until he’s gone. With new (and sensible) president back leading the country, USA can regain its stature—provided other countries are accommodating, and China hasn’t diced its strategy for global domination.