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Rahul Mehra

System Analyst (Wipro) | Posted 23 Jul, 2018 |

Is the importance of God decreasing in present times?

azhar mustafa

Blogger , seo | Posted 29 Dec, 2018

The intensity of confidence is in not having the capacity to see God but rather still have confidence in him. as per sacred texts, the measure of negative(crime, hatred,jealousy,etc) in the present day and age is to an extreme degree excessively and henceforth God would not show up until the point that he has a reason for decimation or entertainment, up to that point he will test our confidence in all conceivable ways. God appears to his most loved individuals even today however you wouldn't trust them… to have the capacity to see God you must have no negative goals in your psyche for anybody and extreme want for encountering a definitive truth of life.

Ruchika Dutta

Teacher | Posted 23 Jul, 2018

The way people are today, and the way bad and sinful things are increasing, it seems that gos really have died. But still there are many who believe that God is still there.

It is said that where there is unrighteousness, there is righteousness; where there is death, there is birth; where there is lie, there is truth; similarly, where there is sin in Kalyuga, there is God. In Treta yuga, Lord Rama said to Hanuman that in every yuga (epoch), Hanuman will be there on Earth in the name of righteousness. And despite all the sinful activities, Earth is still in tact only because of the presence of God.

People still spend thousands of rupees on their religious activities, go to places like Vaishnodevi, observe the toughest of the fasts, and do whatever they can to keep the god happy. They do all this because the have faith in him. Despite the popularity of atheism, they count themselves as believers.