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Abdul Fairose

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Is there a divide between NRIs and Indians?


News reporter (CEN News ) | Posted on

NRIs or the Non-Resident Indians make the second biggest overseas community in the world with 25 million people, which counts to 1.85 percent of all people on Earth. These NRIs are based on Nepal, USA, Myanmar, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, UK, South Africa and Canada.

Unlike the NRIs of other countries however, they are influencing the political scene of India quite a lot, and that currently has created a deep divide between Non-Resident Indians and Resident Indians.


We all are aware how politics in India works. It’s always “my money, my politics”, but unfortunately, RIs are only comfortable with NRIs’ money, not their politics. NRIs in America are led by Gujaratis who are economically strong. Now this needs no mentioning how this fact affected the victory of BJP in 2014 general elections.

In 2014, NRIs did not only influence the politics of India by making Modi Prime Minister, but also gave a presence to AAP. In all this political game, RIs were sidelined, and the promises made to them ignored.

It’s not a hidden fact how PM Modi asked RIs to wait for their share of “acche din” to come when he visited New York to address NRIs.

All this has made Indians very hostile towards NRIs. Sociologist Dipankar Gupta from Shiva Nadar University once tweeted:

 “Very cute! Migrated willingly to USA, won't come back & yet chiming: "I love my India." Is their India Real or Imagined? Ancient or Modern?”

Indians here regard NRIs as “selfish, self-centered, greedy and lacking in class”, says Vijay Simha in one of his articles.


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