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Is there proof that God exists?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

Does God exist? It is one of the most interesting (and controversial) debates in popular culture.

In this subject, the world is split into two. And then there are also those smart ones who have embraced agnosticism for the existence of God can never *really* be known no matter what.

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Talking about "proof", no, there is no proof that God exists.

Now the discussion isn't necessarily between Science and Religion as the mainstream often portrays. Because there are many scientists who do believe in a higher being.

For instance, Charles Darwin, an agnostic really, often thought on the possibility of God. Albert Einstein, too, refused to call that God doesn’t exist.

One recent survey revealed that 45 percent of UK scientists do not believe in God. (Source) This also means then 55 percent of them do believe in the existence of God in one way or another, which is quite interesting in itself.

That said, there are many renowned names, scientists and philosophers, who contend against the existence of God. Like Stephen Hawking, Sam Harris and David Bentley Hart.

In his last book, Stephen Hawking said "I think the universe was spontaneously created out of nothing, according to the laws of science… If you accept, as I do, that the laws of nature are fixed, then it doesn’t take long to ask: what role is there God for."

Sam Harris, an atheist but with a spiritual side, is one name that I've gotten fascinated about of late. His views on the existence of God, away from the ignorant and often supremacist views of radical atheists, are quite interesting. The various debates he had on the subject with Jordan Peterson -- a prominent political commentator, professor, clinical psychologist and quite religious -- are must watch for anyone.

Here's a snippet:

Back in 2005, Sam Harris published an article on his blog, making an argument against God. Give it a read: There is no God (and you know it)

There are equally interesting arguments from philosophers that God exist, including from Thomas Aquinas.

Wikipedia has a whole dedicated page on this subject. If you want more insights, do go through it: Existence of God.

This whole debate whether God exists or not is extremely exciting. But it should be taken with an open mind. No matter where you stand, you should always give the other person to put forth her/his argument. The key is to not get romanticized with your own ideas to an extent of ignorance that you refuse to hear anyone else.

There is no proof of God for the non-believers. But for the believers, there exist plenty.

Remember, only until a half-century back, science knew nothing much empirically. Only in recent times have we discovered so many things. So, you never know what scientists might discover about God in the next 50 and 100 years.

On the other side, if you’re an atheist, stop pulling the garb of science and pretend to be superior in intellect. There are many things that even science can't answer yet; some are as basic as why do we dream and is reality real.

Hope this answer brought you value.

Btw, I do believe :)


Blogger | Posted on

Truly. I'll give proof to God's presence just as give you the methods by which you can understand Him yourself.

Proof for God's Existence

There is an entire host of proof that underpins the presence of God. While it's hard to demonstrate or refute the presence of God through material methods, one can in any event show that the chance of God's presence is exceptionally plausible. At the point when the realities are spread out before somebody, they can settle on the choice for themselves whether they think God exists. Nonetheless, perhaps I'm one-sided, yet when you take a gander at everything, the chance of God existing makes far, far, more sense then the likelihood that He doesn't exist.

Life Comes From Life - as far as we can tell in this world, we locate that each living being has originated from another living being. At the end of the day life originates from life. Life doesn't originate from make a difference. Presently, you may think, "man, this person is so uneducated, doesn't he think about the Miller-Urey test." Yes, I am in reality mindful of the Miller-Urey try, the one where they made amino acids, the structure squares of life, from different compound responses. Researchers utilize this analysis to show how the first living creatures could have first emerged. On the off chance that this trial is in fact how the premise of life was shaped, at that point it would show the life can emerge out of issue. In any case, there is one significant issue with this investigation. Late logical proof currently shows that the conditions that the analysis was directed under, are not indistinguishable conditions from the conditions as Earth's unique environment. Along these lines, this trial neglects to clarify how life previously emerged on the grounds that it could possibly make amino acids under conditions that were absent when life was placed to have initially been made. Those equivalent researchers conceded they despite everything haven't found the responses to how initially emerged on Earth. Indeed, even now, researchers have not figured out how to deliver life from any issue or mix of synthetic compounds. In any case, following the sensible line of reasoning that life originates from life. It bodes well for the first life on this Earth to have originated from another living source - God. This leads me into my next point.


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