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sihbu saha

Blogger | Posted 16 Nov, 2018 |

Pixel 3 XL Review Pros and Cons Should I Buy It

Gopi Seo

@letsuser | Posted 28 Oct, 2020

We will give more data about focal points and hindrances about GOOGLE PIXEL 3 and GOOGLE PIXEL 3 XL. This is highend Android cell phone from Google which utilize local Android Pie 9.0. If it's not too much trouble note, that we are not saying GOOGLE PIXEL 3 (XL) absolutely terrible, yet we will give valid statement and negative point about GOOGLE PIXEL 3 (XL) base by our assessment.

John Kolemann

blogger | Posted 05 Oct, 2020

Great phone, just great

akash seo

Blogger | Posted 05 Oct, 2020

Tragically, the Pixel 3 XL likewise accompanies one of the slowest "quick charging" arrangements available. The packaged 18W USB-PD charger feels molasses moderate contrasted with other quick charging arrangements, particularly the DASH charging on OnePlus telephones. 30 minutes of charging gives you just 25% charge. An hour of charging will give you about 45% battery. A full charge takes near three hours.

The charging is so entertainingly moderate, the main thing more slow is the 5W charger that accompanies the iPhones. You can get quicker charging on the iPhones by purchasing all the more remarkable chargers, so, all in all the charging speed is quicker than it is on the Pixel 3 XL, yet with the Pixel you are left with this speed until the end of time.

Himadri Thaker

SEO writer and blogger | Posted 27 Nov, 2018

Google brings amazing new phone Pixel 3 XL with beautiful cameras. On the rear side, it has 12.2-megapixel cameras while on the front side, there is dual 8- megapixel front shooter for lovely selfies. It has a good and big QHD HDR display of 6.3-inch. Further, it has a powerful battery of 3430mAh and 4GB RAM and 64GB storage.

Pros of Pixel 3 XL

 The phone has strong Corneil Gorilla Glass 5 protection both on front and rear side. This protects the phone from water, sunlight or dust.

 It has speedy wireless charging saving much of your time.

 With Google AI and special features for professional photographs, Pixel 3 XL has fantastic cameras.

 It has huge storage for saving all your videos, songs and movies.

               Cons of Pixel 3 XL

 It does not contain 3.5mm audio jack support.

 The Hugh notch spoils the look of the phone.

 It has a small RAM of just 4GB. Other Android phones come with 8GB RAM.

 It lacks the dual SIM feature so you cannot have 2 phone numbers.

               Should you buy it?

              It is, however, a good option with the beautiful camera if you ignore the cons. You can also go for other options such as Galaxy NOTE9 or ONEPLUS 6T.