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sihbu saha

Blogger | Posted 16 Nov, 2018 |

Pixel 3 XL Review Pros and Cons Should I Buy It

Himadri Thaker

SEO writer and blogger | Posted 27 Nov, 2018

Google brings amazing new phone Pixel 3 XL with beautiful cameras. On the rear side, it has 12.2-megapixel cameras while on the front side, there is dual 8- megapixel front shooter for lovely selfies. It has a good and big QHD HDR display of 6.3-inch. Further, it has a powerful battery of 3430mAh and 4GB RAM and 64GB storage.

Pros of Pixel 3 XL

 The phone has strong Corneil Gorilla Glass 5 protection both on front and rear side. This protects the phone from water, sunlight or dust.

 It has speedy wireless charging saving much of your time.

 With Google AI and special features for professional photographs, Pixel 3 XL has fantastic cameras.

 It has huge storage for saving all your videos, songs and movies.

               Cons of Pixel 3 XL

 It does not contain 3.5mm audio jack support.

 The Hugh notch spoils the look of the phone.

 It has a small RAM of just 4GB. Other Android phones come with 8GB RAM.

 It lacks the dual SIM feature so you cannot have 2 phone numbers.

               Should you buy it?

              It is, however, a good option with the beautiful camera if you ignore the cons. You can also go for other options such as Galaxy NOTE9 or ONEPLUS 6T.