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Richard Gulle

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Dating Sims in Real-Life Relationships


Teens are the ones who often play dating sims like Mystic Messenger. Such simulators are especially popular among hopeless romantics who have no idea how to get a date in real life. But teens would be happy to know that playing these types of games can help with their social skills and real-life relationships.

Different Kinds of People

In dating sims, you will have multiple love interests with a variety of personalities. Then you are tasked with wooing the person, noting their likes and dislikes, getting to know their characters better, and sometimes even seeing underneath their cliché roles.

These varying personalities and give you the experience to socialize with different kinds of people, having at least the basics of what to say and what not to say.

For example, you’ve met a subdued person dressed in all black. Of course, you’ll think of them as emo, and you remember all the emo characters you’ve wooed in all those dating sims you’ve played, so you know how to start a conversation without being too overbearing.

These games show you that there are different kinds of people, but there is also something underneath. You get a chance to get to know the person, to know their story, their life, and their relationships.

It shows that prince charming isn’t a nice, handsome prince. It shows us that prince charming is the one who you connect with deeply. The person you know and love despite their flaws.

Social Cues

Dating sims not only teach you how to introduce yourself, but it also shows you when you’re stepping over boundaries.

Sometimes, you don’t entirely notice that you’re stepping out of line, but dating sims will tell you exactly when you’re wrong, or at least when you’ve stepped out of line in a character’s route.

You get different reactions per character, sometimes a blunt “you’re making me uncomfortable,” or maybe just a silent stare, you still get a lot of experience. And while this may not be definitive for everyone, it makes you at least think before you talk.

Dealing with Conflicts

Subtly, you become exposed to the real problems in a budding relationship, like conflicting interests, schedules, sometimes even past loves come into play. Maybe you have cruel step-sisters, a wicked step-mother, or many other undesirable characters.

Of course, every route has it’s conflict and backstory, some darker than others, but you’re always going to face problems whether it’s yours or not. Here, you’re going to learn that if you love someone, you’re going to have to stick with them throughout this dark time in their life.

An excellent example of this is V from Mystic Messenger. He’s arguably the hardest to get in the game, and he has a lot going on with him. Still mourning his dead fiancé, V is left to lead the organization, that his said fiancé founded. While doing this, he also has to deal with a secret organization that his fiancé, yet again, left behind. Here, you are given, on multiple occasions, the choice to leave him alone to buried in the sins he didn’t commit, or to help him get over his dead love and manage both the organizations that were left for him.

Dating sims will help you understand that if you love someone, you help them with their problems and not leave them behind when times get rough. You get the choice to go, but you don’t. It teaches you that when faced with problems, not your own, the fact that you stay and even help is a testament to how strong your relationship is.

Real-Life Realizations

Dating sims teach you that not everything is sunshine and rainbows and that fairytales are just that—fairy tales. There is no missing shoe to find the girl you just met and want to marry, or maybe a kiss to wake you up, and suddenly, you’re married. There is no love at first sight.

These games tell you that when you get to know a person, that is when you start to love them truly. And isn’t that more magical than a fairy godmother dressing you up in pretty clothes to marry a prince you don’t even know?

While dating sims are fiction on their own, they still adhere to the rules of the real world. As the name says, it’s a simulation. It simulates real-life relationships, the ups, and downs, the adventures, everything.

Unlike unrealistic fairytales, dating sims help you understand that people are just that—people. We have flaws, we have cracks, and sometimes, we’re broken, but that’s where the magic begins; when a person accepts you unconditionally despite everything you’ve been. That is love.


Do you see where I’m coming? Dating sims Just like other online games are not only for entertainment. Teens also experience romantic love, while understanding that people are people and that we must accept that, whether they’re emo or a hippie or any other stereotype because you don’t exactly know who they are underneath.