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Do you have a fear of dentist Know how to overcome it


Common fears of the dentist

Here are some of the most common anxieties and fears people have about the dentist.

• Fear of the sound and vibration of drilling in the gums

• Pain during the treatment

• Fear of needles being injected in the gums

• Embarrassment about poor dental hygiene

• Fear of being sedated

Causes of Dentophobia

There are various reasons why a person has fear of the dentist, depending on personal experiences and outside environment:

• Prior experience

A bad experience in the past, such as any complications from a treatment that caused immense pain and discomfort, could make people have a dentist fear. Previous negative interactions with a dentist, where a person was treated in a cold and unfriendly manner could cause Dentophobia as well.

Outside environment

Hearing about another person’s traumatic experience at the dentist could make people fearful of having the same experience. The negative portrayal of dentists in mass media may also shape people’s thoughts and impact them in a negative manner.

How to treat Dentophobia

There are several ways to treat Dentophobia, depending on each person’s reasons of fearing the dentist.

• Speak about the issue

Most often, just speaking about your fears and doubts with the dentist can help you. Your dentist will put you at ease by answering any questions you may have.

Change your dentist

If your current dentist is the cause of Dentophobia, due to a previous complication or unfriendly interaction, consult a dentist who better understands the issue and can keep you at ease.

Take somebody along

Taking a friend or loved one along to wait outside or stay in the room will allow you to relax, as you know you’re not going through the procedure all by yourself.

Relaxation methods

You can practice meditation to keep yourself calm during the procedure. Moreover, the doctor can also conduct relaxation therapies to make you feel at ease before beginning the procedure.

Sedation or medication

The dentist can put you under general anesthesia in case your jitteriness s is disrupting the procedure. In case you need to be awake during the treatment, the dentist may administer certain medications to calm your nerves.


You can bring along your phone or an MP3 player to listen to music, which will drown out any noise and give you something to concentrate on.

Psychological therapy

In case of severe Dentophobia, working through your issues with a therapist or psychologist can be beneficial. Counseling targets Dentophobia at its root cause.

Dental issues tend to worsen over time, with patients eventually having no choice but to consult a dentist. However, their condition and recovery cause immense pain which deepens their fear of the dentist and delaying future treatment. Hence, it’s about time to get over Dentophobia and embrace good oral hygiene. Surana Dental provides world-class dental services to patients, under one roof. With compassionate experts and cutting-edge technology, we ensure that each patient is comfortable, safe, and informed through the treatment, giving them the highest standard of dental treatments. Get your consultation, today, and overcome your fear of the dentist.