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Engineer at KW Group | Posted on | others

Should I buy a used car as my first car?


Business | Posted on

Buying a used car is actually a good option while it's your first car purchase. Everything has its own pros and cons.


You will make it as a trial usage

Affordable to buy

Cheap and best

Number of options

Lower insurance premium



Maintenance cost

Compromise with colours

Mileage anomaly

Outstanding finance

But you can tackle these cons by check vehicle data. Before buying a car check full vehicle history with the best online sites. You can also get the best reports and buying guides from Car Analytics to shortlist and pick the right one which is opting for you.


Student | Posted on

Buying your first car has less to do with the car and more to do with your intent. With both new and used cars, all of the other expenses … licensing, insurance, maintenance, repairs and parking will all be relatively the same. The only big savings is in the initial purchase. So here is how to evaluate what you do for your first purchase:

Buy a used car if …

You are at a place in your life where you’re going through transition over the next few years.

Where improvement in circumstances is around the corner (you’re getting a promotion, about to graduate, looking for a permanent career).

Where you expect changes - either positive or negative.


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