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Suggest me some public libraries in Delhi which I can visit


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Being a resident of Delhi is perhaps the best thing that has happened to you if you are a bibliophile. Yes, the capital city is not only popular for its street food and various forts. Plethora of libraries that are situated in the city makes it even more special and worth having your home here. Listed below are 5 best public libraries among many which you can visit to have a regular dose of literature and other studies.

1. Sahitya Akademi Library


This library is situated near Mandi House metro station, in the vicinity of famous National School of Drama. It houses a tempting collection of books related to all areas of study, along with a well-furnished and spacious reading room which provides you with all the facilities.
Anyone can visit the library and postgraduate students and research scholars can also get a membership.

2. British Council Library


This library is situated at Barakhamba Road, inside the British Council and has a modern collection of texts, not just books. It keeps various video and audio books related to all the subjects, especially literature. It has books on various diverse subjects like film studies, media and culture, queer theory, and so on. Anyone can take its membership and avail the facilities the library offers.

3. Delhi Public Library


Delhi Public Library is situated near Chandni Chowk metro station and it offers a free membership. Started as a joint project by the government of India and UNESCO in 1951, the library has lakhs of books from all over India. It is well equipped with all the facilities including internet.

4. American Center Library


American Center Library is at Kasturba Gandhi Marg, and is the perfect place if you are seeking any kind of knowledge about the USA. The library is controlled by the American Embassy and promotes the understanding and healthy relationship between India and America.

5. Japan Foundation Library


Like British library it is an audio-video library, and like American Centre Library, it promotes the Japanese culture through a large collection of Manga. If you are a Manga fan, the library would be no less than a paradise for you. Situated in Lajpat Nagar, it can be the library which you might have fantasized about since you read Kafka On the Shore.

So it is more than evident from these five libraries how much diversity Delhi harbors through its libraries and the collection of books stored there. It’s a treat for all you voracious readers.

Happy reading!  


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