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To whom did Mata Sita curse and why?


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Those people whom Mother Sita cursed are still going through this curse. There is an important reason why the curse was given by Mata Sita. When Ram was in exile in Treta Yuga, then saddened by this grief, Ram's father Dasharatha Ji passed away. After his father's death, Rama and Lakshmana went to collect their donated items to donate them. It was a long time, but both of them did not return. It was time for Pind Daan and Sita Ji gave her father-in-law Dashrath Ji. After this both Ram and Laxman, brothers came and Sita Ji told them that they had given the Pind Daan. He said if you do not believe, then ask the cow, Phalguni river, Ketki flowers or Panditji. But all of them refused. Only the banyan tree said that yes, I have seen, Sita Ji has donated the candle.


Then Sita Ji gave all these four cows, Phalguni river, Ketki flowers and Pandit koshrap.


Cow: - It is a curse to the cow that it will surely be worshipped, but the cow will have to eat false food.

Ketki flower: - Ketki flower will be very beautiful but it will never be used in the worship of God.

Pandit: - It was a curse to the Pandit that he should work hard but he will always have to eat only on demand.


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