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What are bearded dragon and What is bearded dragon lifespan?


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Bearded Dragon - What is it?

We are going to talk about a dragon who looks out-of-the-box for the beards on the face. Interesting, right! Well, have you heard about the fancy bearded dragons? These dragons are a type of bearded dragon but with several more features and attractive appearances.

Bearded dragon, a form of reptiles having six lizard species. Have you noticed any lizards who have beard-like stuff under the throat side? Then you have come across a beautiful bearded dragon. If you notice these dragons minutely, you will find these beards turning black and puffing out for several reasons. It can be due to any of their stressful situation or you don’t know, maybe they are feeling threatened.

So their appearances have made the right justification with their name, bearded dragon.

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Bearded dragon lifespan

Do you curious to know how much these bearded dragons can live? Well, it has been observed that these dragons have a maximum lifespan of 12 to 18 years. In rare cases, it has been seen that these beardies can live for 14 years of age even if they are in captivity. There is some science behind the long life of these beardies. A good diet, consistent husbandry, good genetical background, and optimal housing offer the bearded dragons, a long lifespan.

Bearded dragon care

Do you have a bearded dragon and want to take proper care of your pet? Then here are the guidances:

1.Try to maintain a balance in feeding adults with a proper amount of protein and sufficient plants.
2.Avoid housing them in a very small enclosure.
3.Remember to monitor their poop.
4.Maintain proper light, heat, and humidity levels of the environment in which they live.
5.Do not try to make a female dragon breed who is too young.
6.Provide them with a proper area of shading in their enclosure.

So try to help these bearded dragons to live long following these above-mentioned tips.


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