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What are best answers for call regarding credit card and home loan?


Financial Advisor | Posted on

Crimes are definitely on a rise ever since the population got access to the internet. Though the internet has helped us to establish a global harmony and friendship, it has also affected us in many adverse ways, one of which is the scams regarding credit cards and even home loans. These calls are mainly done by scammers- people who are frauds and extract information for bank robberies and other intentions. Every day, news around such scams flood the newspapers and the channels, describing how these fraudulent calls have led to the theft of thousands of bucks from the bank accounts.


Generally, the calls are done either in the disguise of the credit card customer care or in the form of home loan agencies. They ask about the credit card number saying that the cards are going to be locked down and they need the information soon to renew it. Credit card users who aren’t vigilant enough about such frauds easily fall into their trap and provide all the information. And the result of which is a sudden message saying that “XXXX money has been withdrawn from your bank account ending with XXX.”

So, before you provide any information, make sure you are justifying the call. Let’s have a look at what you can do.

1.    Be aware of these scammers and how they are giving the fraud calls. Educate yourselves at the way they are interacting with the people.

2.    Call the credit card customer care if you have any query and get the required information. If there is any such call, immediately disconnect them and inform the customer care.

3.    Monitor the transactions made using your credit and debit card, and if anything looks suspicious, immediately notify your bank.


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