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sanjay Singh

Sales | Posted on | Education

What are business challenges?


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Staff contribute so much to a company and I strongly feel that they should be rewarded in many ways and a company should appreciate their work  as they play a major role n making a company successful.  Sometimes it does not feel that way in some companies and as a result there are many turnovers.  Losing a staff is a sad thing especially if his/her contribution matters so much in terms of financial growth.

So I feel that motivation and keeping staff happy is a big challenge to a company.

The ways a company can motivate their staff would be:

1) Pay increment

2) Bonus

3) Awards

4) Special incentives

5) Year end travel to overseas country

These are my opinion on how to motivate staff and keep them from leaving.


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Our country serves as a land of opportunity for each and every people residing here. If your dream is to become the Business owner there are several ways available to achieve it. believe that Franchise is one of the best ways to start your own business as they are having their own proven business model that would surely achieve success under your management and guidance. I believe that franchising is one of the best ways to start your own business as it avoids many hardships and struggles that startup businesses tend to have.


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