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What are some epic tweets in India from sports?


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I am not really sure what the question really implies.

You want “some epic tweets” on sports from Indian users? OR do you want “some epic tweets” from Indian sports personalities?

Either way, I am sure that are countless such tweets. After all, what us Indians are really good at is Tweeting… about anything and everything. ;)

Using the search option on Twitter would likely help you the most. Use relevant keys and hashtags and you will find your “some epic tweets”.

I did the same thing. I am not sure if they are “epic” or even something that you’re looking for, but here are some interesting tweets (and memes) I found:

1. Viru’s definition of nail-biter match at WC.


2. The same old (but hilarious) joke on Ravi Shastri.

3. On the on-going debate of whether Ravi Shastri should stay or leave…

4. Abhinav Bindra’s fitting reply to Shobhaa De who put out garbage in the name of humor during Olympics.

5. At least that’s how our careers looked during the WC! ;)

6. No other delivery could have gotten him out.

7. And the same goes for Sanjay Manjrekar.

Again, there are many such tweets and memes on sports, in India, from sports personalities and the fans. So, shoot your twitter open and look around.
Good luck! :)