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Kyle Jarvis

@letsuser | Posted on | Science-Technology

What are some facts about Hitler?


Blogger | Posted on

1.). hitler was a veggie lover and couldn't stand seeing blood.

2.). Scandalous hitlers mustache was on the grounds that when he was gassed in WW1 the mustache impeded completely wearing his gas veil. So he chop them down for the utilization of a gas veil.

3.) Adolf hitler is ingrained. hitlers father had sexual relations with his own niece, and their affection kid was child Adolf hitler.

4. hitler took the insignia from Ancient Sanskrit and Hinduism. The word swasktika is Sanskrit. It's pre-owned still as an image for fresh starts for Hindus, Buddhist, Jains and so forth.

5.) "Aryan" is likewise Sanskrit root. "Arya-" - unadulterated, honorable, insight and so forth "- an"- individuals of. So the word implies kind of individuals of respectability.

6.) Sanskrit is viewed as the most seasoned language of antiquated individuals in India, hitler needed the "aryans" of Europe to connect with this.

7.) He gave ruler of Nepal a 'hitler vehicle' which they despite everything have today.

8.) He employed style architect Hugo Boss. His organization made all the apparel and structures for the SS, SA, and hitler youth. Hugo Boss was a supporter of naziism.


Teacher | Posted on

Adolf Hitler is not unknown to anyone. He is probably, the most infamous villain of the World History, and one of the strongest historical personalities. Although we all have read about Hitler in our school History books, there are some facts that were never told to us by our books about him.

Letsdiskuss (Courtesy: ThoughtCo)

1. Himself being the creator of concentration camps that blew up thousands of Jews, he never went to these camps himself.

2. He had a phobia of cats.

3. He was quite health conscious and didn’t take alcohol but consumed several other drugs like Cocaine.

4. Reportedly, Hitler’s teenage niece was his lover and virtual prisoner.

5. According to his medical records, Hitler had only one *****.

6. The Allies wanted to make him a bit less violent and hence planned to induce estrogen in his food to make him more feminine.

7. The known assassination plots against Hitler count up to 42.

8. His favorite past time was watching movies. His liked King Kong and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs the most.

9. He plotted to kill Winston Churchill.

10. He wanted to be an artist and tried desperately to take admission in an art school but failed. He squandered all his family money on his dream and ended up homeless.


Entrepreneur | Posted on

Here's the most important fact about Hitler…

He wasn't a "friend" of Gandhi. Yes, Gandhi wrote a letter to Hitler, addressing him as a " dear friend". But they never knew each other.

Letsdiskuss (Courtesy: BBC)

So, while the propaganda in Whatsapp university would tell you otherwise to brainwash you, understand that Hitler and Gandhi were never friends.

There are many other facts about Hitler.

For once, did you know he actually wanted to be an artist? However, he failed the entrance exam of the Academy of Fine Arts twice.

Adolf Hitler was, in 1938, Time's "Man of The Year". So, when your favorite celebrity or politician gets featured as the face of this magazine, do not necessarily treat this as an achievement. Remember, the world's worst tyrannical figure was once featured in the same position. 

facts-about-hitler-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: The New Republic)

While Hitler never really cared about humans, killing millionsof people, he was known to be compassionate towards animal welfare.

There's also this rumor that Adolf Hitler had only one *****, a condition medically called monorchism. Along with this, he is also said to have a handful of other health issues, like syphilis, Parkinson's disease, and Huntington's disease.

As one of most influencing leaders of the time, Adolf Hitler had a lot of chip on his shoulder. He was always targeted by his enemies. It is said that he survived over 20 assassination attempts, which included gun shooting and bombing plots.

facts-about-hitler-letsdiskuss  (Courtesy: Washington Post)

Here's another of facts about Hitler…

While he was dictator who killed millions, his nephew fought alongside the US Navy in 1944. On-field, he even got injured, for which he received the Purple Heart award.

Adolf Hitler was also extremely rich. His personal wealth, at the time, was estimated to be around $5 billion, which he used in purchasing posh estates, furnishings and art collections.

facts-about-hitler-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Independent.co.uk)

About his death…

Seeing the Soviet troops advancing, Hitler killed himself. Following his death, unsurprisingly, many conspiracy theories started swirling around. The Soviets claimed that Hitler wasn't dead and that he was being protected by the western powers. However, later, his death was confirmed through dental records. His entire body was exhumed, cremated and ashes scattered. Only his skull was preserved which had a bearing of a single gunshot. However, after half-a-century, in 2009, it was revealed by the researchers that the skull is of actually a woman. This, again, triggered mass conspiracy theory that Hitler never killed himself; that the whole episode was orchestrated to show that he is dead. (The similar theories that we now have about Osama Bin Laden!)

These are some interesting facts about Hitler. 


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