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Shashi Kumar

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What are some great examples of (personal) designers- blogs?


Blog Strategist | Posted on

Blogs are the best way for a writer to convey his or her thoughts to a group of audience. As the majority of readers adapting to the trend of online surfing as well as web reading, we as bloggers tend to serve them with as many quality articles as we could.  


Coming back to your question, the designer blogs tend to happen in various niches which vary from web design, app design, to even topics like interior and clothes designing so, you have to clarify your designing standards first to get a perfect answer to your question. 


Meanwhile here is the list of some blogs that may give tou at least a hint about blog you want to try out. The list is as follows: 


? Gary Sheng Blog 

? Melanie Daveid 

? The Beast Is Back Blog 

? Everywhereist Blog 

? Kendra Schaefer Blog 

? Albino Tonnina Blog 

? Devon Stank Blog 


Al these blogs ranges through various topics from personal to professional point of view. So, i hope you will find your appropriate biche as well as enthusiasm from the given blogs. 8f you have any kind of query, you could reply and we could discuss about your actual niche. Till the, i wish you all the best for your future. 



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