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Jessy Chandra

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What are some great mysteries which even science is unable to solve?


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Usually, we make sense of any occurring around us with the help of logic and science. Imagination can go anywhere, but logic can’t. Then there are some things which science can’t even imagine, and which are even beyond logic. There do exist some mysteries which even science is not able to solve.

Bermuda Triangle: This mystery is beyond the comprehension of science. It is a place in ocean. Whenever any airplane or ship passes over it, it disappears, and it is still not known where these lost planes do and ships go. Many researcher are done on Bermuda Triangle, but no conclusion is made yet.

Letsdiskuss (Courtesy: usahitman.com)

Stonehenge: This stone sculpture in England is a big mystery to architects and scientists. Know one knows when was it created and by whom. The stones there are quite big and the architecture technique looks quite advanced.

unsolved-mysteries-of-world-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: English Heritage)

Moving Stones: It is in America. Stones here move from one place to another by their own. The phenomenon is explainable.

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