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What are some mind-blowing facts about Indian temples?


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The amazing news is that the temples were built by kings to prevent the destruction of cultures and religions. I mean, like summoning a twist to get rid of a headache!

The temples do not seem to have existed until a couple of thousand years ago. Worship has always been a household word.

Later, it started as temples, and the reason for the development of architecture and sculpture is a different story.

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It is a significant Temple which holds an unmistakable spot of significance for Hindu enthusiasts. It is one of the Char Dham journey locales in India, and is additionally notable for the yearly chariot celebration or Rath Yatra. The secrets of sanctuary
  • The Flag on top of the sanctuary shockingly consistently skims the other way of wind.

  • There's a Sudharshan chakra on the highest point of the sanctuary. The chakra is really 20 ft high and gauges a ton. It is fitted on top of the sanctuary. Yet, what is intriguing about this chakra is that, you can see this chakra from any side of the Puri city. The designing secret behind the setting and situating of chakra is as yet a secret on the grounds that independent of your position, you can generally feel that the chakra is looking toward you.

  • No Planes or flying creatures fly over the sanctuary. This is till today an incredible secret.

  • The structure of the sanctuary is with the end goal that it doesn't project any shadow at some random time. It actually stays to be translated whether it is a designing wonder or a marvel that can be credited distinctly to the celestial power.

  • Ocean breeze streaming inverse way. In whole world, we have seen that during daytime, the breeze from ocean goes to the land, while the breeze from the land blows toward ocean at night, however in Puri, the geological laws are additionally turned around. Here, the exact inverse thing occurs.

  • 1800 year old custom Every day a ministers moves on the sanctuary, which is as tall as 45 story working, to change the banner. This ceremonial has been set up for a very long time. It is accepted that if this custom is ever missed, the sanctuary will stay shut for the following 18 years.

  • The prasada secret Nothing goes squandered in Jagannath Temple. Contingent upon the day, records express that 2,000 to 20,000 enthusiasts visit the sanctuary. Be that as it may, the amount of prasadam, which is cooked in the sanctuary, stays as before consistently. However, the prasadam never get squandered or is lacking at whatever day.



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