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ashutosh singh

teacher | Posted | others

What are some misconceptions about Lakshmana in the Ramayana?


phd student Allahabad university | Posted

lakshmana yelled on parasurama:there is nothing similar to that valmiki Ramayana … both the siblings bowed down to parasurama in regard …
he derided on surpanakha: this is the most aggravating thing that these pseudo women's activists call attention to , he didn't ridicule on her ,he disclosed to her that he is hitched and not inspired by her simply like his sibling did.
he assaulted on surpanakha : again the best misguided judgment ,surpanakha assaulted and attempted to execute and eat maa sita ,so as a brother by marriage it was his obligation to ensure his sister in law ,who resembles a mother to him…
he has outrage issues and he is self-important: yes he is irritable however it isn't care for ,he would yell on everybody for reasons unknown… man he also is a caring individual and never egotistical…
he is more fragile than meghnad : man he is shesha the awesome snake ,and meghnad is only a human,meghnad was in his chariot that too in air and lakshmana was on the ground… if any one would be in lakshmana's position trust me ..he would have been in paradise in one go,and lakshmana was so solid in battling him..
lakshmana rekha : there is no lakshmana rekha as indicated by valmiki ramayana… .he just asked maa sita to remain in the cottage and not to get out…
he didn't rest for 14 yrs: yes again individuals think in the incorrect way , no he used to rest and he didn't move his rest to his better half ..
he used to rest outside the cabin for ensuring his sibling and sister in law …



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