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What are some most important unspoken rules in life?


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The unspoken rules of one’s life are based on one’s morality. It is only your conscience that tells you the things which no one else does, and if you make a point to abide by these things, they become the unspoken rules of your life.

They are different in everyone’s life. In my life my conscience asked me to follow the rules given below, and I always do that.

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1. Never to cheat anyone

No matter whether a person is good or bad, he doesn’t deserve to be cheated. And please know that not cheating anyone is a favor you will do on yourself and no one else. Because cheating someone means robbing yourself of your own honesty. You don’t have to sink down to that level. If someone is bad to you, there can be other ways to deal with them.

2. Never be evil just for fun

Making fun of others, bullying someone, or commenting on someone’s physical appearance unnecessarily just because it gives you pleasure and boosts your ego is not cool. In fact, it is childish. You should always try to be mature in dealing with other people and accepting them.

3. Be as less prejudiced as you can be

Since we live in social set up which has its own rules and thinking, we inherit some prejudices even without knowing ourselves. But as we grow up, we should be self-aware enough to unlearn and shed away these prejudices. Judging someone should never be your business.

4. Try forgiving and forgetting

I’m not a follower of Gandhian philosophy but this actually makes your life easy. If you forget the past happenings and have a forgiving attitude, you will never feel burdened.


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