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What are some of the best ways to decorate a room?


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I am more of a minimalist. So, a cleaner, spacious and emptier room is my jam!!

I like a room that’s minus all the things that are unnecessary and that I can live without. For instance, the extra cabinet, chair, showpieces, portraits and more. The cleaner it looks, the better it feels. 

As for the decorative effect, the lights fit that aspect. Better lighting makes the space more appealing. Also, instead of going just with one variety, I would have multiple variationsof lights that add spirited effects and make the room look livelier and energetic. 

This is my simple definition of decorating a room.  

But, of course, minimalism doesn’t suit everyone. And what may seem beautiful to me might come as hideous to you.

So, when decorating a room, you need to prioritize your own needs and interests. What you like, what you dislike, what kind of living condition do you prefer, what looks more peaceful to you, what kind of personality you have and, above all, what kind of room you have. 

These are important questions you need to answer when decorating a room. 

For instance, you’re a hip kinda person who likes clubbing and city life, adding colorful chandeliers could be a fitting idea. The ones like these are great… 

Courtesy: Dering Hall)

Also, for the same taste, you can invest in colorful furniturelike chairs and cabinets. Instead of going with the classic variations, go with the spunky ones like this…

(Courtesy: Flickr)

Add a popping color variation to your bed sheet and pillow covers. Juggle with bold varieties of curtains.
All these changes can make the room match your personality and look lively. Painting your room’s walls in similar color scan make things much interesting.

On the other hand, if you dig classy setups, go for the traditional rooms instead of contemporary.
Invest in furniture that has fine finishing. Opt for wall paints of old-school colors like white, beige and fading sky blue. Classic lighting, as well as few portraits on the wall, can effectively seal the deal for you.

Remember, decorating a room is a much personal affair that has to do more with what you like and want. There is no single rule. You have to find your own taste and personality to decorate your room accordingly. There’s a reason why interior designers ask countless questions to clients instead of going with existing templates. Because the idea of room decoration varies with people. 


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