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What are some Romanian surnames?


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Some Romanian Last Names Or Surnames With Meanings : 

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1. Albescu
The root phrase for this Romanian surname is the phrase ‘alb’ meaning ‘white’ inside the Romanian language.

2. Albu
It is likewise derived from the word ‘alb,’ which stands for ‘white’ in Romanian.

3. Aldea
It originates from the Spanish phrase ‘Aldea,’ this means that ‘village.’ The surname is possibly a toponymic one.

4 . Andrei
It is the Romanian shape of the call ‘Andrew,’ which comes from the Greek call ‘Andreas.’ The name ‘Andreas’ method ‘manly’ or ‘masculine.’ The surname ‘Andrei’ has several spelling variations, and some examples are Andre, Andrea, and Andri.

5. Ardelean
This surname is derived from the word ‘Ardeal,’ that is the Romanian name for the location of Transylvania. The word ‘Ardeal’ possibly comes from ‘erdo’ – the Hungarian phrase for wooded area.

6. Baciu
It is derived from the Romanian word ‘baci’ meaning a ‘shepherd.’ The phrase ‘baci’ is likewise used to refer to the captain of a team in the sport of Oina, which is a conventional recreation of Romania.

7. Balan
It method ‘blond’ in Romanian. Balan is also a town in Romania, and for that reason the surname will be toponymic.

8. Barbaneagra
The literal translation of this Romanian final name is ‘black beard.’

9. Barbu
This phrase in Romanian manner ’bushy beard.’

10. Bogdan
The phrase way ‘god-given’ or ‘present of God.’ The phrase is fabricated from Slavic language phrases, specifically ‘bogu’ that means ‘god’ and ‘dan’ that means ‘given.’

11. Botezatu
This Romanian surname method ‘baptized.’

12. Bucur
The name comes from the phrase ‘bucurie,’ because of this ‘happiness’ ‘pleasure’ or ‘satisfaction’ in Romanian. The name may also be a reference to the legend of Bucur, a shepherd who is stated to have based Bucharest – the capital of Romania.

13. Cazacu
It is a toponymic surname regarding a person who came from a location along the Cazacu river in Romania.

14. Cel Tradat
This Romanian surname manner ‘the betrayed.’

15. Ciobanu
It is derived from the Romanian word ‘cioban’ that means a ‘shepherd.’ It is an occupational surname given to the shepherd network of Romania.

16. Cojocaru
This surname is derived from the word ‘cojoc,’ this means that ‘sheepskin’ in Romanian. This is probably an occupational surname given to people who synthetic coats the use of sheepskin.

17. Craioveanu
It way a ‘person of Craiova.’ Craiova is a Romanian metropolis, and this surname is a toponymic one relating to a person with their origins inside the city.

18. Creţu
It comes from the phrase ‘cret’ that means ‘curly’ in Romanian. The surname at the beginning ought to have stated people with curly hair.

19. Dalca
The name is of unsure origin, and might be derived from an antique Romanian phrase ‘dalca’ that means ‘lights.’

20. Dan
The call is a version of the word ‘Daniel,’ that comes from Hebrew and means ‘God is my judge.’ Other origins can be the Old Norse call ‘Danr’ or a reference to a person from the united states of america of Denmark.


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