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What are some words starting with -z- to describe someone?


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Letsdiskuss (Image : google )

Zoolander-fan (Self-explanatory)

Zairean (If they’re from Zaire) 

Zambian (If they’re from Zambia) 

Zimbabwean (If they’re from Zimbabwe) 

Zygotic (When very, VERY younger) 

Zionist (If they aid Zionism) 

Zoroastrian (If they help Zoroastrianism) 

Zorro-lover (If they help Zorro) 

Zapotec (If they’re of the indigenous, Pre-Columbian human beings of the Oaxaca Valley) 

Zenithal (If they’ve made it to the pinnacle of the mountain) 

Zoftig (If they’re voluptuously feminine) 

Zonal (If they’re unique approximately zones or zoning laws/rules) 

Zeroth (If they’re in line even earlier than the primary person receives there) 

Zymoid (If they resemble an enzyme) 

Zymolitic (If those enzymes are able to inflicting fermentation) 

Zoological (If they have a look at or enjoy the technological know-how of animals) 

Zoic (If they take a look at or revel in the science of animals a lot that they begin to live like them) 

Zoonotic (If that love of animals has caused them to agreement a disease) 

Zombie (If that gotten smaller sickness happens to be Zombie-ism) 

Zoophagus (If they best eat meat. And it goes with “Zombie” in case you matter brains as meat. Just sayin’…) 

Zygomatic (Sort of like being “cheeky”? I guess? Shut up) 

Zygomorphic (Which pretty a lot describes all people) 

Zakk Wylde (If describing Zakk Wylde)


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