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Trishna Dhanda

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What are the Activities which I can do on the Letsdiskusscom portal?


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Letsdiskuss is an online Website. Where people can share their opinions and views on certain aspects. Where Question will be answered on letsdiskuss portal. It a best Website to interact with Different people. Recently letsdiskuss has launched its new program called Earn with us. 

These kind of programs encourages people to participate in all the aspects of letsdiskuss.


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Hey Everyone,

A lot of activities..........

1) You can ask Questions

2) You can comment on answers

3) You can post answers

4) You can Post Blogs

5) You can discuss about any and everything in the world

6) You can let people know what you are thinking and what your thought process

7) The best part which I am going to start in few days, you can record your answer and let world know what you want to say in your own voice. I must say that is amazing

8) Add images to your answers so that your writing look more meaningful and beautiful

9) I am an old User of Letsdiskuss.com and I must say I am an addict to this portal. They have just launched a program "EARN WITH US". Where you will get Coins in return of every activity you do, now that's what I call is a attraction for any writer or user because it gives you something fro your work.

Above are the few points which I mentioned, there are many other activities which you can do. Who does't need name and fame for their work. This is something which you can get on Letsdiskuss.com.

Best Wishes!!!!!


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