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Tanisha Dev

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What are the benefits of morning walk?


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In today's era, people are trapped in a rat race. Our body in all stages of life needs appropriate exercise & an ample amount of rest too. This is not necessary that everybody from different walks of life can maintain a balanced lifestyle. Therefore, a morning walk is always recommended for most of the population. It does hold various benefits:- 
A- It improves our mood, reducing stress, anxiety & fatigue. It also eases depression symptoms to a larger extent.
B- Weight Loss- If a regular morning walk is maintained with a proper diet, it shows good results. Who cannot go for heavy exercises must follow it sincerely.
C- 30 minutes of walk daily strengthens your muscles, helps in controlling diabetes & also lowers the risk of coronary diseases. 
D- People dealing with insomnia should make it a habit immediately. This keeps your body active in the day so that you can get a sound sleep at night. 



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