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Hitesh rathi

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What are the best Food network shows available on Netflix?


Journalist and Writer at G-files and Bollywoodtoday.in | Posted on

With the advancement of technology in society, many things are changing whether you take lifestyle, fashion or even relationships. But, one thing remains constant that is our Love for food and that is why the most popular entertainment platform doesn't forget to include food Shows in its kitty.

Here are my four recommended shows about food on Netflix.

1. A Cook Abroad:- It is a show where a celebrity chef travels to another country to discover recipes. This show not only introduces you to new cuisine but show you different cultures. It depicts no matter how different we are the love for food is same everywhere.


2. Chef’s Table:- It is a show produced in-house by Netflix focusing on one famous chef per show. This show is for people who love to cherish the luxury lifestyle or to compliment the elegance of fine dining.

3. The Mind of a Chef:- It is a non-fiction television series on PBS narrated and executive produced by Anthony Bourdain, and combines travel, cooking, history, and science. Each season follows a different chef, or a pair of chefs, and examines their beliefs and philosophies on cooking and the culinary arts.

4. Cooked:- It is Netflix’s other in-house food show flagship, executive produced by author Michael Pollan and human documentary machine Alex Gibney. Unlike Chef’s Table, it is not into celebrity chef or high-class kitchen, it's more of a home cooking show. It is more concerned with history, culture, and the everyday cook.


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