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pradeep Choudhary

PG in nursing. | Posted on | Education

What are the differences between general nursing and BSc nursing?


Student Poet | Posted on

Nursing is not only an altruistic and benevolent enterprise but it is also a very viable career option as well. A number of courses are available which prepare you for a holistic knowledge in taking care of the sick and the ailing. Two of these are-

BSc in Nursing

This is an undergraduate course spanning a duration of 4 years. The basic eligibility is 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The course consists of both theoretical classes and practical application. The course is usually followed by an internship period of at least 6 months before you get into a full-fledged job. The objective of the course is to inculcate and nurture values of compassion and empathy, along with giving you critical knowledge and professional outlook in caring for sick individuals. You can seek jobs in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and in the defense and transportation sectors. Another alternative is to complete post-graduation and to go for a PhD to go into college teaching.

General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM)

It is a diploma course spanning 3.5 years. The basic skill sets learnt will remain the same as a BSc in Nursing. However the stress is more on practical knowledge. You do not delve too deep into the theoretical part as you would in BSc in Nursing. Usually a six month compulsory internship is required to be done after the course. Recruitment sectors are the same as BSc in Nursing.

BSc being a full-fledged graduation course and GNM being a diploma, preference is usually given to BSc graduates since they have been given in-depth knowledge as well as practical skills, whereas in GNM relatively more topical knowledge is given in terms of theory-work. BSc graduates have more career opportunities as compared to GNM. If you have to choose between the two, go for BSc in Nursing. The fee here is usually slightly higher than GNM, but it is totally worth it. 



PG in nursing. | Posted on

BSC nursing is a under graduate degree course while GNM is a diploma or certificate course in nursing BSC nursing is a 4year course and GNM is 3year course. Student with science stream can only go with BSC nursing but the same time GNM can be done by art's students as well. The student who completed GNM should go for Post BSC nursing to pursue undergraduate degree in nursing. And BSC nursing have higher opportunity to abroad and settle


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