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What are the dos and don'ts in a job interview?


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Interview is the opportunity through which you can show your talent, skills , personality and everything a company need in its employees. People usually get nervous to express thereselfs.


1. Getting enough knowledge about the company you are going to.

2. Dressing proplely it make a good impression.

3. Bring your cv and other important documents.

4. Talk confidently and talk about your strength.

5. Listen properly and then respond.

6. Prepare questions in advance.



1. don't be late it may be rude or make bad impression.

2. Don't speak bad about the last organization you work in or about the employees.

3. Be a good listener don't speak over or before the interviewer.

4. Don't be giving false information about yourself.

5. Don't use your phone , Using bad language 

6. Avoid Touching your face , playing with hairs , cross your legs etc. Letsdiskuss



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