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Tanisha Dev

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What are the five types of Computer?


Student | Posted

Computer is a machine which is used for storing purposes and for processing data. Computers are also used to type documents, send emails to various people, games can also be played and it also helps in browsing the web. There are various types of computers present. The following are the computers: 
  • Supercomputer : these are used to solve complex tasks. 
  • Mainframe Computer : these are the same as supercomputers and are used by government, corporations and banks to store large amounts of information and data. 
  •  Minicomputers : Minicomputers are less powerful than mainframe computers, these can be used by 200 users maximum. Server is an example of minicomputers. 
  • Microcomputer : these are very common computers which are used to run microprocessors. These are meant to complete daily tasks.
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Digital marketer | Posted

1 Supercomputer.

2 Mainframe.

3 Server Computer.

4 Workstation Computer.

5 Personal Computer or PC.


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