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What Are The Functions Of Warehouse Execution Software?


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For all industry leaders, it is becoming more complex every day to keep up with the speed of modern e-commerce as well as omnichannel fulfillment requirements. And, as the consumer expectations are rising and cycle times getting shorter. Your business is under constant pressure for meeting the delivery schedules as well as protecting the profit margins. The leaders now must navigate a labyrinth of the employees, material handling tools and solutions like warehouse execution software for automating the manual procedure, improving efficiencies, and optimizing the fulfillment operations. Let’s know more about this system.

Warehouse Execution Software:

The Warehouse execution software emerged as a hybrid system which combines a specific warehouse management system functionality with WCS functionality for automated warehouses. It is a computerized system, often used in logistics and is functionally equivalent to an MES. It can direct all the processes that take place in the distribution centers. The distribution operators are a form of a manufacturing operation that stores, collects and track inbound material and then choose as well as combine multiple elements to form a completed product, shipment, or order.

This software solution can synchronize, organize, manage, and sequence the work resources which are quite essential for finishing the assembly as well as the shipment of completed products. The warehouse execution software acts in real-time to allow the control of several production process components where the changing conditions in one work process may need changing the directions of upstream or downstream processes (reactive).

WES Connects your customers to DC-wide operations:

This solution gives your users a simple, entire, easily understandable and one-stop visibility into inventory procedure as well as the equipment status throughout your facility. Its functions consist of:

comprehensive views of your inventory
exception management & diagnostic equipment
measurement & reporting of all major operations metric
Individual status & location by handling unit/wave or batch
Up-to-the-second graphical visibility into equipment status/performance

Warehouse Execution Software Connects WMS To Your Unit Sorter:

With this solution, sorting algorithms, which are unique to your business, can be easily implemented in real-time at high speed to pack, ship, returns, or other fulfillment procedures. With entire inventory accountability maintained at all levels and within every step of the fulfillment procedure, that inventory can also be controlled with a high degree of precision.

It Connects WMS To Receiving Docks:

The warehouse execution software allows inbound shipment to be fluidly unloaded, automatically checked-in as well as reconciled against advance shipping notices (ASNs), or blind receipts, which are acknowledged as either PO (purchase order) or SKU products with the camera-based data entry. Received inventory is forwarded as per your specific processing needs.

It Connects your WMS & (TMS) To Your Shipping Docks:

It can enable the completed orders to be automatically dimensioned, identified, weighed, and sorted based on your algorithms and freight optimization specification. It can automatically verify the product at the docks, fluidly manifesting it and further loading it onto a trailer in one motion.

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