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What are the management skills that are essential to be possessed by every MBA student?


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The Five Most Important Skills Employers Look for in MBA Grads are as follows: -

1. The ability to work with a wide variety of people.
2. Time management and ability to prioritize
3. Understanding digital impact on businesses
4. Ability to build, sustain and expand a network of people
5. Ability to solve complex problems

Some other skills are Brand storytelling skills & Financial forecasting which are relatively new. You can acquire most of these skills if you study in top MBA Colleges abroad like MIT Sloan and Stanford College. Know more about admissions for MBA at Globaltree the one stop destination for MBA programs.


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I believe for a wholesome career growth, one must have as many management skills as possible. This is more important today than ever when MBA graduates are struggling to find relevant job opportunities. The more there is to your personality and portfolio, the more your career will flourish. (This is true for any candidate – MBA or no.)

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So, as broad and vanilla as it may sound, the answer to your question “what are the management skills that are essential to be possessed” is quite simple…


But to provide you more value, let me go into a bit depth.

You can categorize management skills into three groups: technical, conceptual, and interpersonal. Each of these groups has a pack of management skills of their own.

Now, depending on the specialization of your MBA, you may lag in one or two of these groups.

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For instance, if you did MBA in Human Resources, you would be better in the interpersonal category comparatively. If you did MBA in Information Systems or Supply Chain Management, you would comparatively be better in technical and conceptual categories.

So, the strength and weakness of your management skills will depend on the kind of MBA course you have completed. In some, you will be good. In others, you will lag. This will also influence the kind of job you will get.

Now, coming to the exact management skills, there are a few that I feel every MBA student must possess at all cost:

· Decision-making. Every company now wants a manager or leader who can analyze the situation well and make prompt decisions.

· Communication. In your job, you will have to deal with many people. And the success of those interactions will depend on the kind of communicator (verbal and non-verbal) you are.

· Planning.

· Problem-solving. The entry-level employees complain and make excuses plenty already. As a leader, the organization would want you to be a problem-solver in your capacity.

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· Motivating. No matter your role, you would always have to handle a team – big or small. It’s your job to keep them energetic and motivated to chase the company’s goals.

These are five very important management skills that every MBA student must-have. As the whole recruitment process continues to shift from IQ to EQ, companies want leaders who are proactive, good with people and have the right work approach.


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