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Chef at Hotel Radisson | Posted | Food-Cooking

What are the most common cooking mistakes?


Industrial Trainee at Pullman New Delhi Aerocity and Novotel New Delhi Aerocity | Posted

  1. Utilizing too-high warmth. The outside has a decent singe or is cooked, yet within is as yet crude.
    1. Utilizing too-low warmth. You've cooked it through, yet the outside doesn't have pleasant shading or is spongy.
    2. Including salt too soon. Salt will in general coax water out, so leaving salt to sit on meat, poultry and fish could leave the surface to some degree dry.
    3. Not including salt. Discard salt from mushrooms and tomatoes before sautéing and they'll finish up a saturated chaos. Adding salt to water before cooking pasta and poaching eggs gives them more flavor. I even salt the water before bubbling solidified peas and they taste extraordinary.


SEO Analyst | Posted

1.overcrowding the pen

2.Understalting the water 

3. Putting cold meat in a hot pan.

4.Using a non-stick pan at all times.

5.Adding garlic too early.


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