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What are the negative effects of yoga?


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Stress has almost become a part and parcel of everyone's life. It is very important to wipe off this stress to lead a healthy life ever after. One should never ignore the growth of stress and anxiety within. Because it can lead to serious health issues later that can also hamper your day-to-day activities. Yes, several medications are there for the same. But several people also prefer doing yoga to stay fit. No doubt, yoga has unlimited benefits. 



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But you may be surprised to know about some of the negative impacts of Yoga


Negative effects of Yoga:


  1. Inversion poses are involved in performing yoga. You are often asked to breathe forcefully for certain types of yoga practices. These practices tend to disturb your blood pressure level. Breath of Fire is one type of yoga practice that you should avoid if you suffer from hypertension.


  1. There are some exercises in yoga that require you to pull a specific muscle group. This often results in strain and you may feel pain for a certain period.

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We tend to overlook the strain and pain in our body initially. But such ignorance can enhance the negative impacts of yoga on your health


  1. Forward folds are famous in the world of yoga. But one should always be aware of the number of times he/she can perform forward folds. The massive practice of the same can cause pain in your back. Besides, doing forward folds without a warm-up can negatively impact your spine.


  1. Both headstands and shoulderstand are postures that harm your eyesight. Constant ocular pressure increases strain on the eyeball and causes glaucoma. 

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The above mentioned are the 4 negative sides of practicing yoga that may have varying effects on everyone. So one should go for yoga depending on his/her body strength and capability.


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