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manish singh

phd student Allahabad university | Posted | others

What are the things that you don-t like about BJP despite being a BJP supporter?


phd student Allahabad university | Posted

I don't have confidence in gathering support notwithstanding being a right - winger, since they are just here today and there tomorrow. In any case, I have appreciated BJP on an overall premise. There are numerous things that I don't care for about it :
But individuals like Tejasvi Surya, many gathering pioneers are homophobic. They have given homophobic statements also. Dr. Subramanian Swamy giving such proclamations was stunning to me! This 'homophobia' is the thing that I can't endure.
BJP pioneers have spread pseudoscience many occasions. Dilip Ghosh, in Bengal, had said that gold can be produced using dairy animals milk LOL!
This issue isn't absolutely of BJP, yet of steadfast BJP allies. They have picturised the pundits of BJP as 'hostile to - nationals', 'libr@ndus' and so forth. No, on the off chance that you don't uphold a gathering, that doesn't imply that you are against the country.
Assault - accuseds are being made the agents of the individuals. A new case is Gopal Kanda in Haryana[5].
Peruse this passage cautiously, or there will be consequences, skip it. I have taken a distinct fascination for learning Telugu, since I have seen an instructor of mine communicating in this wonderful language. Also, you know what, as far as I might be concerned, it's incredibly hard to learn in light of the fact that the language is altogether different from Hindi and Bengali. Presently, switch it. A Telugu fellow will confront this trouble while learning Hindi. In this way, I think, making Hindi obligatory is off-base. My father's past occupation was assignment in nature, so I have been examining Hindi since adolescence. Yet, my folks ensured that I learnt Bengali, my mom language, easily. My folks, particularly my mom, had practically no information on Hindi. In any case, for showing me, they intentionally took in certain rudiments. They felt the need, so they learned it. I think, from ninth, I was given a Hindi educational cost, and till at that point, my father showed me Hindi.
Furthermore, things should work this way. Burden is truly downright terrible. In the event that someone wants to learn it, he/she will learn it!
BJP is as yet not doing what's needed for the improvement of the provincial instruction framework. NEP has been presented, yet immediate changes are required, particularly in a board like CBSE, where a few understudies get obsolete books, and some get new books.
I don't believe pioneers like Dilip Ghosh in Bengal. He is by all accounts the substance of next CM races yet isn't qualified for the post. I truly need BJP to make a more qualified pioneer the essence of next decisions in Bengal.
BJP should be more open to the press. In the event that on one side, no wide question and answer session has been done in the previous 6 years, then again, numerous pioneers have boycotted[8] news channels.
It's acceptable that BJP has confidence in Hindutva, however a hellfire parcel of pioneers are just abusing it. What's more, they venture themselves as "Hinduon ke Rakshak" (Protectors of Hindus), which is awful. Who gave BJP the thekedaari of Hinduism?
The bureau is truly not engaging. A writer cum soothsayer is the Education Minister, while Subramanian Swamy wasn't given any spot.
Youthful pioneers like Poonam Mahajan and Tejasvi Surya have been given a decent spot in BJP, however it actually needs to zero in additional on youthful pioneers.



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