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Joseph Robot

footballer | Posted on | others

What are the tips to keep the car running smooth and hassle free?


Marketing Manager | Posted on

Rahul i agree with your answer but you should also mention some things like-

1. Check your battery connections .

2. Always use the branded oil for your vehicle.

3.  Pay attention on the car wash more in winter.


Ex. Managing editor at Indian Cars Bikes | Posted on

1. Engine oil: In order to keep the car running properly the engine must be in great condition and to keep the life of engine healthy, one must change the engine oil periodically and on proper intervals. Failing to do so amounts in unwanted wear and tear of the engine components. Letsdiskuss

2. Air Filter: Output depends on input, same way what goes in comes out. If you air filter is replaced or cleaned on proper intervals, then the engine will give maximum performance and fuel efficiency. Failing to do so will result in absolute opposite. Air Filter
3. Tyre: Tyre are one of the most important parts of any automobile. To ensure the maximum grip and safety in wet conditions, always keep a close check on the condition of Tyre.  Tyre
4. Brakes: Going fast gives the thrill we generally enjoy, but to keep a control on the safety, one must keep check on the brakes and replacement should be done on time. Failing to do so can increase the chances of accident in panic braking conditions. Brakes
Conclusion: Cars and bikes are like body parts of human which require constant care and support. Do all of the above on time and your car shall run as smooth as your body works.
Drive safe, Arrive safe.