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What are the various weapons and astras in Ramayanam?


phd student Allahabad university | Posted

During the old Hindu occasions, there existed amazing weapons that were incredible to such an extent that it had more dangerous power than the high level atomic weapons. In all honesty, however there were weapons that could destroy the entire universe.

Lord Rama and his weapons

We should talk about a portion of the characters of Ramayana and their weapons here:


In the Mahabharata and Ramayana, Brahmastra is the most famous weapon and most fundamentally composed weapon, in that it is apparent in different sacred writings too. This weapon must be utilized once in a blue moon and could do serious harms. Rama expected to utilize this against Sagar when he needed the Sagar to offer approach to Lanka. He depended on Brahmastra when Sagar was not altering his perspective. Sagar concurred quickly when he saw the Brahmastra, and since Brahmastra was at that point summoned, Rama needed to guide it to some other spot so the devastation would be restricted.



Rama additionally utilized Prasvapna. Ravana was undying and due to Amrita, he was not passing on. Rama utilized Prasvapana to vanish that Amrita so he could execute him. Vibheeshana had guided Rama about this weapon.


Also, he utilized Gandharvastra to slaughter 14,000 asuras. What this weapon did was it intellectually turned asuras mind that they thought the individual close to them was Rama, and consequently, they battled with one another and at last wound up murdering one another. Just Rama and Ravana knew about this weapon. Be that as it may, Rama additionally realized how to kill this, while Ravana didn't.


At the point when Rama was an understudy, he utilized Manavastra on Maricha. Maricha expected the type of a brilliant deer and assisted Ravana with seizing Sita.

Lakshman and his weapons

Lakshman was an expert of various weapons. He utilized Varunaastra while assaulting Meghnad, the child of Ravana. Yet, it fizzled. At the point when Meghnad usedAagneyastra, Lakshman utilized Sauryaastrato kill it. At the point when Meghnad utilized theAsur weapon, Lakshman utilized the amazing Maheshwar as a weapon. Just when Lakshman utilized Indrastra he was effective to obliterate Meghnad. In any case, Meghnad had utilized Shakti, an incredible weapon, during the fight that left Lakshman oblivious. Hanuman carried Sanjeevani to resuscitate him.

In Naagpaash, Meghnad detained both Rama and Lakshman. Hanuman needed to turn to Garud when no one could free Rama and Lakshman. This occurrence is a significant instructing in Hindu dharma, as it says that regardless of whether you are an instructor, you need to remain modest, similarly as anybody may require help – even the divine beings.

Meghnad's help and demise:

Here is a little tale about the utilization of weapons in Ramayana. Meghnad had a shelter that he was unable to be murdered in the wake of playing out a yagya. Vibheeshan advised about this reality to Rama and requested Rama, Lakshman, and Hanuman to stop this yagya. There had been a condition that Meghnad couldn't contact any weapon while he was playing out the yagya. To exploit and make the most out of the circumstance, Lakshman, Hanuman, and Rama went to upset the yagya. Seeing this, he was irritated with his uncle, Vibheesan who had double-crossed him. So he utilized Yamastra, a heavenly Astra which he had saved to slaughter him. Be that as it may, Lakshman killed it. Meghnad utilized all the three savage Astra – Brahmastra, Pashupatastra, and Vaishnavastra at Lakshman, however nothing even contacted Lakshman.

At the point when he fizzled, Meghnad understood that Lakshman was no standard man. Meghnad vanished from the fight and went to his dad Ravana and requested that he make a ceasefire with Rama. Ravana named him as a weakling. Meghnad say goodbye to his folks and went to the front line once more. He was then murdered by Lakshman with Indrastra eventually.


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