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Shubham Sharma

enterpreneur and mechanical engineer | Posted on | Education

What did you learn from your BTech life?


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If you think being an Engineer in India is tough, than you have no idea about Being an engineering student in this nation. Doing B.Tech is actually a big task in India as there is so much competition in this field in India.

What you learn in a B.Tech classroom is way less than what life teaches you in between those four years. From being a backbencher to being a class topper, i have experienced everything that you would expect from a typical Engineer.

So, if you are a B.Tech aspirant or someone who has just taken admission in B.Tech, then here is the list of things you are going to learn after this sweet and spicy phase:

1.B.Tech life will tell you how important is it to balance your theoretical academics with practical one.

2.It shows you how to completely study a full book in one night.

3.B.Tech makes you realize your true potential for everything, other than engineering ofcourse.

4.But the most important thing that B.Tech life taught is that why there are no quality engineers in India. This is because of the combined efforts of mughal era schooling system and Indira Gandhi era syllabus.

So, if you are still an engineer aspirant, don't worry B.Tech life will teach you a lot and lot of things but remember, Engineering isn't one of them...


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